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Blanc Whitening Essence Mist


Blanc Whitening Essence Mist

Fortified with Hexylresorcinol

A must-have daily whitening treatment mist that can be used/applied throughout the day! This mist utilizes a revolutionary whitening complex that lightens the skin by breaking down the melanin on the skin surface and together with the Blanc Whitening Serum inhibits the formation of pigmentation at the skin’s deeper layers.

How the key ingredients work

This active ingredient has a whitening action by inhibiting Tyrosinase and Peroxydase. It also protects the skin by stimulating glutathione and reducing Glycation.

A synergistic blend of seven alpine plants (mallow, mint, primrose, lady's mantle, veronica, balm and yarrow). These plants are all Tyrosinase inhibitors. This active ingredient has strong whitening powers and has the capacity to even out the complexion and reduce age spots in particular.

How To Use

Use in the morning and in the evening. Reapply anytime (2-3 times) throughout the day to refresh and brighten the skin. Best used with JYUNKA serum and cream.

• Always apply UV protection during the day.
• Avoid high concentration of direct UV exposure.
• Stop using immediately if product cause discomfort.
• Consult dermatologist if symptoms continue.
• Avoid areas with open wounds and eczema.

How It Works

Efficacy tests In vivo
1. Skin lightening activity

At a concentration of 5% GIGAWHITETM shows significant lightening activity after 12 weeks of treatment on Asian skin, without observing any particular irritation (increasing L-value or decreasing color clinical reading = lighter skin).

Efficacy tests In vivo
2. Reduction of age spots color intensity

At a concentration of 5% GIGAWHITETM shows significant reduction of age spots color intensity after 12 weeks of treatment.