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M+ Fluid


M+ Fluid

Rejuvenate . Radiance . Revive

Visible Touchable Results

• Plump up fine lines • Lift sagging skin
• Tighten pores • Reduce dark eye circles
• Lighten pigmentation & age spots

Bring Out An Inner Beauty

Bring together nature and science, this Miracle Fluid is the answer to the complexities of skincare. Encapsulating the purest of the L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) with patented Qu-some technology,

The nano-capsules penetrate into the deepest layers of your skin, reaching the muscular level. For the first time ever, the L-Ascorbic Acid ingredient can work daily to stimulate collagen, elastin and skin cell production, lift, lighten, heal and repair.

Let your skin embrace nature and science, as M+ Fluid enriches it with the best of both world.

How To Use

Apply 1 - 2 pumps depending on requirements.

How It Works

Achieve Results

21 days, day and night
2 - 3 months, night
2 - 3 nights, weekly
Spot application, day and night
3 - 4 days, day and night

LIPOPHILIC LAYER- oil-soluble ingredients
HYDROPHILIC LAYER- Water-soluble ingredients

Super Nano-Capsule QU-SOME is an ultra fine particle with a size of 100nm. 1000 - 5000 times more concentrated than normal serums. Instant release and thus, bringing you instant results.