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A Simple Desire:
Actualize Beauty.

A simple desire: Actualize Beauty. And Jyunka was birthed. A simple mixture of hope and the art of identifying opportunities laid the foundations to create just such a reality.

Our founder started her early days with hyper sensitive and oily skin, leading to her search not solely for beauty but real solutions. Working with doctors, chemists and leading professional brands in the last 32 years, she developed a deep understanding of the art and science of skincare and what beauty really meant. Inner beauty is often affected by physical confidence. Skincare serves to transform people physically, and therefore psychologically. A simple truth is that confidence requires a union of both the physical and the psychological.

A Glowing Skin That
Shines Through.

The Beauty Industry has evolved till today where the gravitation towards cosmetic surgery has become more apparent, and that spurred our founder to work on a skincare line that champions three core pillars – Results : Safe : Simple.

After years of experimenting with different ingredients and scientists across continents, her labour eventually came to fruition after finding a special solution in Japan’s research and development team.

A Timeless Beauty Inside
And Out.

As soon as Jyunka became publicly available, it began to resonate with users from around the world. They loved how their skin transformed and glowed almost immediately. Their confidence grew as Jyunka changed their lives, allowing them to Live Beautifully.

Jyunka continues to develop and innovate across the globe, seeking out the best possible ways to extract the purest of essences to deliver it straight to your skin.