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1. What causes the Skin to age?

Sun and the environment is believed to be the number one cause of skin ageing. Personal habits such as late nights, smoking, stress, childbirth, illness or menopause further contributes to it. Damaged collagen and elastin resulting in a loss of firmness and smoothness, the appearance of dark spots and discolourations, the formation of lines and wrinkles, and other ageing signs.

2. I have oily skin. Do I still need a moisturizer?

Any skin type including oily skin need HYDRATION. Just as OILY and ‘ THIRSTY” are of 2 different issues, oily skins still need hydration. Jyunka’s Hyaluvital cream is a light weight moisturizer that does not clog pores, it seals in serums and protects the skin.

3. How can I brighten up my dull complexion?

Blood flow to our skin and body’s natural exfoliation process slows down from 30 years old. Lifestyle, stress and our climate adds on to the dullness. Use the Jyunka Epidermal Peel Kit once or twice a week will restore that natural radiance and glow. Using the Epidermal peel regularly will enhance the absorption of skincare products making them more effective.

4. I have sensitive skin, can i use Jyunka products?

Jyunka skincare series does are tested safe. There is a difference between sensitive skin, irritated skins and allergic reactions .Jyunka Boto Caviar, contains Acacia Collagen and Caviar calms the skin and keeps it from chapping, promotes greater collagen production. We would highly recommend you to visit any of our authorised salons for a detailed consultation.

5. I work in an office, do i still need to apply sunscreen?

Sunscreen is needed in any climate 365 days a year. UVA and UVB rays can penetrate glass or car windows, can cause harm to the skin even on a cloudy day. Jyunka SPF 50 will adequately shield and protects the skin. It has an added advantage, a pearly tint will enhance skin tone and act as a primer for makeup applications.

6. How do I know which of the 3 serums, M+, Boto caviar and Extreme Hydrant serum is suitable for me?

Jyunka’s M+ fluids heals and gives energy to the efficiency of the skin cycle. Boosted skin will look younger, healthy with an even toned radiance. Boto caviar regenerates the skin and deeply nourish it from within. Extreme Hydrant serum is the best form of hydration and supply the skin with much needed moisture. All 3 jyunka serums can be use on its own or complimentary to one another. To determine what is best for you, please walk into any of our official retailer for a free consultation.

7. What makes Jyunka different from any other skincare brand?

Jyunka takes pride in the absolute quality of every product that is made after rigorous research and development, with our vision that skincare should be based on RESULTS, SAFE and SIMPLICITY. Skincare serves to transform people physically, and therefore psychologically. A simple truth is that confidence requires a union of both the physical and the psychological.

8. What is the shelf life of Jyunka products

All jyunka products carry Singapore Health Science Authority labels (HSA). Unopened products can be kept up to 3 years, opened products must be finish within 12 months.

9. After a while, I noticed the M+ fluid turning yellow, why is that?

Jyunka’s M+ fluid is pure ascorbic acid, a form of Vitamin C. It will oxides if kept too long after opening, thus you will notice the serum colour turning from clear to a yellowish ochre colour. We recommend for best results, to finish using a bottle of M+ within 3 months after opening.

10. There is no foam when I use the 5-in-1 cleanser, is it normal?

Jyunka’s 5 in 1 cleanser is a GEL cleanser, not a soap based cleanser. Just pump a small quantity of a 20 cent coin on dry clean hands and massage on face, work up with a little water and massage through for about 30 seconds and rinse off with water.

11. If I use the M+ and boto caviar serum, can i skip the cream?

Jyunka M+ and Boto caviar are both serums, they absorbed well and works from deep within the skin layers. You need to add on a cream to seal in the serums, gives the skin protection and sense of comfort. Skin will then be perfectly prep for makeup.

12. My skin feels itchy with pricking sensation when I apply the peel cream in the Epidermal peel kit, I am worried.

Jyunka’s epidermal peel kit contains AHA and Salicylic acid that dissolves the dead skin cells. It is part of the process where the active ingredients causes prickling and itchy sensations. There is no cause for alarm as long as the skin does not turn red or swell. Each session of the epidermal peel should not exceed 5 minutes, gently massage the epidermal lotion to neutralise it and rinse off with water. Please do not use the product on any broken skin.

13. My skin feels oily after applying Jyunka M+, is it too rich for me?

Jyunka M+ fluid employs patented Qu-some technology that ‘ wraps’ pure ascorbic acid in lipid nanocapsules. The nanocapsules ‘ breaks’ as it is massaged on skin releasing Vitamin C into the deep layers of the skin. It does feel a little oily immediately after application but will dries into a radiant fair finish after about 5 minutes.